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I am Normal!

Do you sometimes think, "Well, I am normal with the way I feel, eat, live, think and everyone else is abnormal". We all start out that way and as time goes on we realise that everyone is different and it would be a really boring society if we were all the same. Everyone is normal in their own eyes. If someone drinks one more alcoholic drink than you do then you might wonder if they are an alcoholic. Of course, the amount your drink is normal. If someone swears more than you the you might think they are improper, but of course the amount you swear is normal. If someone eats more or less than you do, you wonder what is going on with them.

These are all observations of others, but what about observations within ourselves. We put up with pain and feel run-down and this becomes our normal. It is not until we are relieved from that pain or have the best nights sleep ever that we realise how bad we felt before.

Sometimes we don't realise how good we felt until it is reversed. I went on a raw food week in Bali a couple of years ago. I felt fine, I was on holidays. Didn't feel like I had excessive energy from eating raw, but when I came home and started eating meat, fish, dairy again I felt very heavy for a couple of weeks until my body adjusted. This then became my new normal. I am not suggesting to go raw but think about if you can feel better with a different way of living then maybe you should pursue it.

My mission is to enable people to experience how good they can feel. Create your new normal.

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