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How can I help YOU?


Everyone is different on the level of help and service they need.  It could be

Some like

  • Education and support only

  • To be able to have clear direction and work at their own pace

  • Get it all sorted in the 1 day intensive with followup

All levels of service are aimed at producing the healthiest gut possible to not only help with gut problems but  also with weight management, elimination, hormone balancing, anxiety, stress, thyroid and a stronger immune system.

Not sure which one is right for you.  Book in for a FREE 1/2 hour chat with Paula to discuss your specific situation and what is best for you. 

Individual Nutrition Consultation

1.5 hours of detailed questioning and testing. Includes:

  • Detailed questioning of your presenting issue

  • Questioning of other areas of the body as needed

  • Looking into lifestyle, spirituality and emotions

  • Preliminary analysis of iridology and nails.

  • Initiation of blood tests if needed

  • Initiation of other functional pathology if needed

  • Advise of

    • dietary changes  

    • nutritional supplementation

    • lifestyle changes

Investment $150.  Email Paula to find out more or book online.

IBS  Gut Healthy Community

     - coming soon

Content that will take you from feeling stuck in life with your IBS to having freedom to choose where to go without fear or embarrassment.  1 full year of content delivered weekly that will cover.

  • Digestion - how it works with fats, protein and carbs

  • Probiotic foods & supplements

  • Prebiotic foods & supplements

  • Stress the effects

  • Brain/gut connection

  • Sugar – the effects

  • Fermenting

  • Sprouting

  • Lifestyle factors that influence gut health

  • Environmental factors that influence gut health

  • Inter-relationships between the gut, immune system, hormones and inflammation

  • Water


Founding members will soon be invited to join the IBS Gut Healthy Community.

Not sure what you need

Book in for a free 1/2 hour chat to talk to Paula.

Either email Paula to find out more or book a free 1/2 hour chat online

Personalised Gut Treatment

Really need to get to the core of what is going on. A personalised Gut treatment can help tailor the solution to your specific situation. Includes:

  • Personalised Treatment

  • Initial consultation to determine your specific issues

  • Detailed treatment plan including analysis of blood test results

  • Consultation for initiation of treatment

  • Followup consultation to keep on track

  • Gut Healthy community membership

Investment $670.  Email Paula to find out more or book a free 1/2 hour chat.

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