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Turkish Delight - Can I Resist?

Doesn't it annoy you when you go to fill your car up with petrol and when you pay there it is - Turkish Delight 2 for the price of 1. I think to myself, "I'll be saving $2" but then I think to myself "Do I have time to walk for 50 minutes to work it off". Sad, I know, but somehow it has to come off if I consume it.

The real question is "Why am I attracted to Turkish Delight?". I do remember the TV advertisement in black and white that attracted me. I have managed to find it on YouTube. Have a look. Seems ridiculous now but I loved it at the time.

I suppose it is one of those things that takes me back to my childhood. Knowing this is important because when I am making that decision - do I buy it or not? I know why I am attracted to it and can make a more conscious decision rather than one driven by emotion and feeling. We certainly do need to chill-out sometimes and be driven by our feelings but we need to think about

  • Is this happening all the time?

  • Are my eating habit always driven by emotion or can I rise above that and make a choice?"

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