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Stool testing – what can you find out

Most people think ‘yuck’ when they are asked to do a stool test. Even though it does seem a bit strange you can find out just so much information from that test. There are also a variety of different tests varying in depth and cost. I prefer the CDSA with parasitology x 3. Yes it is the most expensive, but for an initial test it is good to get the most information.

In a nutshell it includes:

  • Levels of beneficial bacteria

  • Levels of imbalanced bacteria

  • Levels of bacteria that is causing dysbiosis in the gut

  • Yeast both cultured and under the microscope

  • For the dysbiotic bacteria, the bacteria is cultured and various treatments given to see what it responds to

  • How the fibre is being broken down in your large intestine

  • Any blood in the stool

  • Indicators of insufficent digestion of proteins, fats, fibre and carbohydrates

  • Inflammation particularly IBD and IBS

  • Immune system defence

Not quite as simple as any bad bugs in your poo, but a whole lot of information about the health of your digestion.

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