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Think of your GUT as your skin

The pathway from your mouth to your anus is actually outside your body. It is not until nutrients are absorbed through the wall of the intestine that they become inside your body. Think of your gut as your skin. It is protecting your from the bacteria/viruses/foreign particles that your body does not want inside it.

Most women put a lot of effort into their skin. Facials, creams and makeup. Why, because we want it to be nourished, reduce aging and protect us from the elements. We need to have the same focus on our gut as we do on our skin. It faces significant exposure to things that we need to protect ourselves from. Periodically repairing the walls of the gut to ensure no leaky gut, boosting the immune system with probiotics and daily nourishment of the flora with prebiotics. It is not a treatment but a way of life just as putting cream on our face daily has become.

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