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Bad breath?

Did you know that your saliva glands in your mouth secrete between .7 to 1 litre per day. Saliva is filtered blood and for this reason saliva can be used to test a lot of what is going on inside the body.

Saliva has a purpose to protect our mouth from pain and also to protect from bad bacteria.

A lot of foods can cause aggravation to the mouth which is by saliva contains a very small painkiller to help protect the sensitive nerve endings within the mouth. The mucins in saliva catch the bacteria before they had a chance to harm us. It is normal for us to have bacteria in our mouth. Good bacteria takes up space to prevent bad bacteria entering.

At night we produce less saliva and because of this there is greater chance of bad bacteria being able to take over our mouth. Hence the reason for brushing your teeth in the evening and in the morning.

Another possible reason for bad breath is the tonsils. The tonsils contain deep grooves and can sometimes contain little white stones hiding within them.

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