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What people are saying: 


“I feel blessed to have experienced a one on one SoulCollage®  session with Norma and my soul feels nourished. Norma’s ability to hold the space with deep listening, wisdom and insight is only matched by her sense of humour, profound connection with spirit, magnificent harp playing and of course delicious soul food.  But what brings it altogether is her open, generous, loving and tender heart.  The result…a nurturing, transformative and playful day.  I’m left wanting more.” Yaelle

Explore, heal, love, accept, positively transform yourself and your world through SoulCollage®!
It is a time for you to relax and retreat in the present moment.
A time for you to listen to your heart and soul.
A sacred time to connect, reflect, journal, meditate, make cards, do card readings and discover the wisdom of your inner world!
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