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Is it Your Gut?

Why the Gut?
Next Steps

Ready to work on your Gut?

Options include:

  • Healthy Gut Program

  • Individual consultations

Healthy Gut Program


  • Initial personal consultation either in person or over skype

  • Treatment plan

  • Second consultation with presentation of personalised treatment plan

  • Analysis of blood tests

  • Analysis of stool test (if needed)

  • Webinar – what is contributing to imbalance of gut flora

  • Webinar – probiotic and prebiotic foods

  • Webinar – mindset and gut flora

  • Webinar – healthy home

  • Final personal consultation
    – where to from here.

  • Unlimited phone/email access to
    Paula over the 3 months.


Timeframe is over 3 months

  • First consultation is information gathering to understand the changes to be made

  • Second consultation will occur after all test results are completed.  This could be 3 weeks if doing the Complete Stool Analysis test.

  • Weekly webinars to encourage change gradually in the home, lifestyle, diet and mindset.

  • Final consultation within the month 3 to understand if there are any additional steps that need to be undertaken to resolve other health concerns.

If you are not sure if this program is for you book in for a free 1/2 hour chat with Paula.

Optional Complete Stool Analysis with Parasitology is the best way to determine exactly what is going on.

The Complete Stool Analysis with parasitology x 3 is the most effective test to understand what is going on.  Yes it is the most expensive, but for an initial test it is good to get the most information.

In a nutshell it includes:

  • Levels of beneficial bacteria

  • Levels of imbalanced bacteria

  • Levels of bacteria that is causing dysbiosis in the gut

  • Yeast both cultured and under the microscope

  • For the dysbiotic bacteria, the bacteria is cultured and various treatments given to see what it responds to

  • How the fibre is being broken down in your large intestine

  • Any blood in the stool

  • Indicators of insufficent digestion of proteins, fats, fibre and carbohydrates

  • Inflammation particularly IBD and IBS

  • Immune system defence


Not quite as simple as any bad bugs in your poo, but a whole lot of information about the health of your digestion.

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