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Imagine - no gut symptoms, no pain, no bloating, no diarhoea, no constipation and reclaimed energy

Life is all about keeping on improving yourself!

How great can you be?

Why the Gut Healthy Community works
  • Making changes slowly increases the chance of those changes becoming permanent
  • Having support from a community helps the momentum of keeping on going.
  • Feeling able to express those ups and downs that we all have.
  • Guidance from Paula who has worked with gut healthy for over 10 years.
  • Addressing all aspects of food and lifestyle that impact our gut health.
The cost of doing nothing
  • Will lead to greater anxiety over the issue
  • Will slowly develop into social isolation
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Constant inflammation will lead to other chronic disease
  • Lowered immune system - more colds/flu
  • Difficulty in managing weight
  • Will lead to gradual depletion of nutrients
  • Continual decline in overall health
Why do you need to work with Paula
  • Real life experience with the issues of gut health.
  • Understand that not everyone is ready for change and small steps are needed.
  • Lead by example with lifestyle and particularly food.
  • Understand the added complexity of cooking for the family.
  • Problem solver.  Look at the situation from all different angles.
  • Spent 4 years obtaining a degree in nutritional medicine.
  • Specialist knowledge in gut health.
  • Accredited with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society ensuring degree qualified and ongoing education.
Doesn't matter if you have a relatively minor problem like excess wind or Crohn's Disease, gut health is important for everyone.  
For some a group Gut Healthy membership is sufficient to make the changes needed to sustain a healthy gut, sleep and energy.
Others need some individual consultations to get back on the right track.
Finally for those who have long-term gut problems a longer 3 month program is designed to repair, reinnoculate and maintain your gut health.  We all fall back into bad habits which is why a 3 month program enables change to stick.
To find out more
What do you need to do
      Step 1 - Like us on facebook
      Step 2 - Download our free Gut Freedom Formula
      Step 3 - Schedule time for a free 1/2 hour discovery session
Patient Stories


Chloe had diarrhoea for almost 2 years daily. She had adjusted her lifestyle to cope with the expected morning diarrhoea.  Basically she went nowhere until 10am.  With only 1 consultation we stabilised the diarrhoea by the correct probiotic for her and reducing the spasm with the most suitable form of magnesium.  Chloe called 3 days later very excited that she had a normal poo.  In this case Chloe's nervous system needed support as well as her gut.


Julie arrived having seen many other natural health practitioners and doctors.  She complained of stomach pain soon after eating.  We started with a stool test to understand what she is deficient in and supplemented with those strains of probiotics only.  With a gut healing program, her stomach pain was eliminated however it required patience from everyone which hadn't been the case previously.  Not everyone gets fixed in 3 days. Some people take up to 6 months.  Support, encouragement and small steps are the pathway to resolution.

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